Waymaker Crafts


Welcome to our website for Waymaker Crafts, a new collaboration between sisters Amy and Ruth Yeates. We have decided to start a new journey together to celebrate our love for all things sustainable, arts and crafts and the beauty of the handmade. 

In our new venture, we plan to create products combining both our outside passions of printing and sewing and also hold workshops in these crafts in the future too! Thank you for supporting us on the beginning of this adventure. We are excited for what is to come. 


Meet the Makers

Ruth Yeates

Hello, I'm Ruth and I am one-half of Waymaker Crafts! 

I have always been inspired by nature and analogue processes in my work and love to find new creative ways to communicate natures stories.

I have just graduated from university where I specialised in printmaking and craftsmanship, developing on my skills and research into letterpress and other traditional printing techniques. I also enjoy drawing, especially the beautiful details found in nature.

I appreciate craft in so many ways and believe it is sometimes a forgotten way of making. I think being creative and skilled offers so much opportunity to grow and find nourishment, especially in troubling times. 

Through this venture with my sister at Waymaker Crafts, we value craft and making and wish to communicate important messages through this space.

Our values are in developing wisdom and kindness towards our world and this guides us in this business as well as life. 

We hope to sell high-quality natural products with sustainability and ethics in mind, all shipped in plastic-free packaging. 

We hope to create this space into a bright and inspirational place to encourage you to make and think about your life in a more sustainable way!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Ruth xx


Amy Yeates

Hello lovely people!

My name is Amy and thank you so much for following Waymaker Crafts! 

I have just graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama studying Costume Construction and I’ve worked in the theatre as a Costume Supervisor, Dresser and Costume Maker. 

At the beginning of lockdown I spent time making face masks for my friends and also scrunchies outside of the scrap fabric. I am looking forward to working backstage in the theatre again and collaborating with others at some point in the future. 

I also have a passion for sustainability and I have recently set up this new venture with my sister, Ruth! We plan to make products combining our skills whilst using sustainable materials to protect our planet. I believe it is important to be resourceful with materials and so we would love to create products that celebrate this through upcycling! Also, we would love to treasure heritage crafts which are sadly dying away. This is something that is close to our hearts to help keep these skills alive in the future.

Lots of love,